Take our rock-solid FOUNDATION™ VAN service and marry it with the most advanced translation and data enhancing services available, and you have our EDI FASTrack™ solution. This program means you do not need to purchase and maintain translation software. No more setting-up maps, no more compliance reports, no tracking of functional acknowledgements, no ANSI formats or version upgrades.

But more than just replacing translation software, this solution opens the door to a vast array of additional functionality that can enhance and clean your data. Have duplicate invoices removed and rejected before you ever receive them. Only receive documents where the line items total correctly to the document amount. Have an invoice automatically returned to the sender of a purchase order. Replace SKU's with UPCs automatically. And so much more. If you have a business integration problem, chances are our EDI FASTrack™ program can solve it.

With EDI FASTrack™ you get a copy of our Seldon™ Document Creation software, The Mule™ ftp client software, and Report Station™ for tracking reports. Use our ArkadyOnline™ web system for tracking documents. Get e-mail alerts when a customer sends you an order. With all of this comes our industry leading customer support.