Our FOUNDATION™ VAN allows you, through a single mailbox on network, to trade documents with the world.

EDI FASTrack™ puts data translation at your mailbox, removing your need for translation software; and allowing us to provide data enhancement solutions that far exceed what is possible with conventional translators.

Can't justify the expense of integrating into your ERP or Account software? Or, you don't have ERP software? Our Seldon™ data creation software allows you to create, send, and receive EDI documents—either from "scratch" or as "turn-around" documents to respond to a trading partner.

Is a large customer requiring that you connect directly via AS2? No need to deal with expensive software, purchasing additional licenses, firewalls, certificates and URLs--let us manage your AS2 connections for you. Your single mailbox on FOUNDATION™ is all you need.

Global Data Synchronizing
York can save you time, money and headaches and satisfy your important client's requirements. Find out how.